Vehicle Transport

Car Transport:

VW CarCar Shipping is simple when you are using The Auto Transport Company.Our Dependable Car Carriers are experts when it comes to Car Moving  and your Vehicle will be treated with the highest consideration. Our Car Carriers are reliable and will deliver your car Door to Door  or to a Nearby Terminal. We will keep you updated throughout the entire Transport Process and will ensure an on time pickup and delivery. The Auto Transport Company is able to transport any make or model vehicle to any destination. Ship a Car  from any zip code.

Boat Transport:

60 Plymouth Fury & 59 Herter's Flying Fish

Boat Shipping is has never been easier with The Auto Transport Company. It begins with finding a qualified Boat Transport Carrier which is properly equipped to handle such a load. Make sure to provide us with accurate boat dimensions and weight so that we can properly assign the right Carrier. If your boat is sitting on a trailer or not, we will still be able to Transport your Boat to its destination.

Motorcycle Transport:


The Auto Transport Company is able to Transport your Motorcycle as well. When it comes to Shipping a Motorcycle, it is typically easier than Car Shipping . This is because of the obvious difference in size, a Motorcycle will not take up as much space on the Car Carrier which means less money.

ATV Transport:


Transporting an ATV is similar to shipping a Motorcycle. Since an ATV is roughly the same size, you should expect the same costs. The one difference though is because an ATV is on four wheels but does not sit as wide as an automobile, it is sometimes more difficult to load.The Auto Transport Company is experienced in this scenario and will insure your ATV is Transported properly and securely.

RV Transport Shipping:

mystery rv 1

As you can imagine that Shipping an RV may be difficult if you do not choose the right Transport Company . When Transporting a Recreational Vehicle, the thing to keep in mind is it will more than likely take up the entire Truck which means, paying for the entire Truck space.  The Auto Transport Company has specific RV Moving Trucking Companies which are dedicated explicitly to RV’s and other Over sized Vehicles.

Truck Transport &  SUV Transport:

Supercharged Range Rover Sport

The Auto Transport Company can Ship a Truck just as well as it can Ship a Car. This will almost often cost a little more due to the increase in size of the vehicle, however we will insure that our Transport Rates will still be affordable. Trucks & SUV’s vary in size and the larger the Automobile the higher the rate. To put it simply the more space your Vehicle is consuming on the Truck Trailer the greater the price.

Trailer Transport:

enduro west

  Shipping a Trailer is not an easy task however The Auto Transport Company is experienced the transport of all Types of Trailers; whether it’s a Travel Trailer, a Semi-Trailer or a Full-Trailer. It is important to obtain accurate measurements and weight of the Trailer so that it can be properly secured to the Transport Carrier. If you are looking to Move a Trailer then your first step is to inform us of the make and/or model and we will provide a Transporter. All Trailer Shipping Quotes are customized each specific Shipping order. We promise to convey the right price to you.

Van Transport:

1959 Mercedes-Benz O 319 (01)

The Auto Transport Company can Ship your Min-Van or Cargo Van with ease. Transporting a Mini-Van is usually the same cost as Shipping an SUV, they usually take up the same amount of space on the Auto Transport Truck. A Cargo Van however is much larger and will often take up two spaces on an Auto Transporter, this means you will be paying for two spots.

Bus Transport:

Laguna Trans Hino RF 19230 being towed by a Hino Recovery truck between Pagsanjan, Laguna and Matabungkay, Batangas, Philippines.

Shipping a Bus is similar to Shipping a Recreational Vehicle. Larger sized vehicles consume more space on the Vehicle Shipping Trailer, this means a higher Transport Cost.



Race Car Transport& Exotic Car Transport:


Shipping a Race Car requires a specialty Car Carrier. Race Cars are often very valuable and the Auto Transporter has to carry a higher insurance policy and usually an Enclosed Car Carrier. The Auto Transport Company has several Car Shippers in our network which specialize in transporting delicate items such as a Race Car.

Antique Vehicle Transport:

Coches clasicos 7

An Enclosed Car Carrier is definitely a recommendation when Transporting an Antique Vehicle. We want to make sure your Antique Vehicle arrives in the same condition in which it left in and in order to ensure that the Car Carrier has to keep the Antique Car out of the elements and weather. Auto Transporters drive across country and often encounter various weather conditions such as wind, snow and rain. By utilizing an Enclosed Vehicle Transporter you can be sure your Antique Automobile will avoid all that.

Military Vehicle Transport:

Military Vehicle TransportThe Auto Transport Company offers Military Shipping Discounts  to veterans and active service men and women. If you are looking for a Transport Company to Ship a Military Vehicle, contact us so that we may provide the best service


Dirt Bike Transport:


JumpSee Motorcycle Shipping  for details.



Limousine Transport:


Stretched limo's - Holliday Street


The Auto Transport Company can Ship your Limo to any desired destination. Town Cars are priced as a large sedan Transport, however if you are shipping a stretched limousine, you can expect to pay for two spots on the Auto Transporter.


18-Wheeler Transport:

1962 Mack B75

Transporting an 18-Wheeler Semi Truck should only be done by a qualified Truck Transporter. It is often very expensive to Ship a Semi-Truck by an Auto Transport Truck and the best advice is to us a Drive away Service this will be much more cost effective and faster.




Tractor Transport:

Happy Memorial Day

Shipping a Tractor is best done by a Flat Bed Truck. A typical Auto Carrier is not properly equipped to fit a Tractor on its Trailer. To ensure a you receive an accurate Transport Quote, measure your Tractor precisely and follow the same instructions as Shipping a Trailer.





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