Auto Transport: Florida to northbound routes

If you are a snowbird, living in Florida during the winter and going back up north for the summer you may be thinking about booking auto transportation services for your vehicle. Shipping your vehicle to and from Florida is an affordable option rather than owning two vehicles in different states. If this is your first time considering shipping your vehicle, rather than driving it back or just curious about the process of auto transportation, here is what you need to know.

When searching for a company to transport your vehicle, you will most likely end up working with an auto transport broker, rather than booking a reservation directly with a carrier. The fact of the matter is, auto transport carriers are not usually publicly listed in search engine results. An auto transport broker acts a middle man between consumer and the auto transport carrier.

The responsibilities of an auto transport broker is to locate and assign a carrier, making sure that the carrier is properly registered and insured to transport automobiles. Some of the difficulties that a broker might face when looking for an auto carrier for a customer is not properly quoting out the cost of transport.

Auto transport rates are based primarily on market rates, adjusted by supply and demands by consumers and carriers. Offering a rate that is much lower than current competitive market rates is a sure bet that your vehicle does not get assigned a carrier. Beginning sometime in March and usually slowing down towards the end of June, or beginning of July, there is high demand for auto transport services, particularly on the northbound routes originating in Florida. This high demand for services and limited supply of carriers increases the market rate.

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